Welcome to the Williams Elementary School Library! We have over 7,000 books for students to choose from, on a variety of interesting topics. As an IB World School, the Williams library also provides students with access to materials that promote international mindedness and correlate to the classroom’s unit of study.

Books are due back in two weeks. If a book is damaged or lost, students are responsible for replacing the book.

Parents are also welcome to check out books from our library! Parents can check out up to 7 books at a time to read at home with students.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Greer!

Hours of Operation

Elementary 8:00-2:30

Phone Contact Information

(256) 428-7540 Ext. 2315 Elementary                                              

Library Links
Library Resources
  • Huntsville Madison County Public Library  is the public library that serves our community.
  • AR Book Finder lets you search to see of your book is an AR book, and its quiz information. 
  • Library Shelver is a fun game to reinforce alphabetical order and library skills.(remove the original sentence and replace it with that one, please)  You can practice shelving fiction books in alphabetical order, and non-fiction in Dewey Decimal order. 
Science and Social Studies

National Geographic Kids is a great research website for science and social studies. 

Reading Resources
  • PBSKids is a great (and fun!) resource for pre-school-2nd grade students. 
  • Scholastic Family Playground  is a great website to interact with some of your favorite book characters!
  • Starfall is a wonderful early and emerging reader resource. The link that is on our webpage is broken. This is the correct link https://www.starfall.com/h/
  • Pigeon Presents! Is a fun website for everyone's favorite Mo Willem"s characters, the Pigeon, Elephant, and Piggie.  This site has fun games and videos about Mo Willem's books. 
  • Suessville is great for all things Dr. Suess related. 
  • Get Epic is an ebook resource.  Remove this sentence::::Ask Mrs. Greer for her classroom code to be able to read free ebooks online. 
Typing and Coding
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